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Uncle Sam's Immigrant Cafe is a non-profit platform showcasing immigrant restaurateurs in pursuit of their American Dream. Join us in supporting these hard working entrepreneurs while treating yourself to amazing food!

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Pine Island Getaway Cafe
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Take a Voyage Down Pine Island The journey down Pine Island is a sunny scenic route, traversing bridges and palm tree-lined paths, one gets a highlight of Florida’s best attributes. The island is a retreat […]

Cazadores Restaurante Mexicano  
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  THE LOCATION The first thing I noticed when walking into Cazadores was the brightly colored walls. They resembled the vibrant and lively streets of Mexico. The restaurant itself is conveniently located, tucked on the […]

Mandalay Restaurant & Café
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I came upon an opportunity to experience Burmese food for the first time and I was not disappointed. Brief History of Myanmar Myanmar’s government was under the control of the military junta from 1962 to […]

Little Aladdin Restaurant
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The open kitchen is what you first see when you enter the restaurant. You can smell and hear the sound of beef, chicken, or lamb sizzling on the flat top grill. Fresh pastries sit in […]

Rincon de Buenos Aires Restaurant
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Bright neon lights in every conceivable color of the rainbow beckon tourists, vying for every ounce of their limited attention span on the strip.  This is Las Vegas, loud, brash and distinctly unapologetic, a surreal […]

Salvadoreño Restaurant
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  Karlos Ramirez‘s parents had to flee their native El Salvador due to the horrific violence from the country’s 12-year civil war. Miriam and Alfredo knew that the only way to achieve a safer and […]

Nepali Asian Restaurant
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Nepali Asian Restaurant: Uttam Tamang, the manager and owner of Nepali Asian restaurant, takes careful attention to greet every customer with a firm handshake and a warm smile. After showing them to their brightly colored […]

Pera Turkish Kitchen & Bar
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When you walk into Pera Turkish Kitchen & Bar and speak to Sirac Ergun, you can sense his passion.  Sirac is the chef and co-owner of Pera. He opened Pera in 2017 with his brother Ahmet. […]

Ike’s Cafe and Grill
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The Setting When I first walked into Ike’s Café and Grill in Norcross, I felt as if I’d somehow wandered into my favorite aunt and uncle’s home. How I was just now visiting this not […]

Monse’s Pupuseria
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In an alley behind the mainstreet of Old Colorado City in Colorado, between a parking lot and a back street, is a building that houses Monse’s Taste of El Salvador Pupusería. In a neighborhood where […]