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Uncle Sam's Immigrant Cafe is a non-profit platform celebrating our immigrant restaurateurs, their unique cuisine and dream of building a successful American business. Join us in supporting these hard working entrepreneurs while treating yourself to amazing food!

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La Chiva
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  Walking into La Chiva is like coming home. Winter is still in full force in downtown Denver, Colorado, and the drastic 20 (and sometimes, 30) degree difference between day and night makes the brisk […]

Masala Restaurant
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  Only five miles north of downtown Boston, in the hip town of Somerville close to the Tufts University campus sits a special restaurant: Masala. It is special not only because of its food but […]

Enoteca Maria – Nonnas of the World
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  Two Restaurants, One Address, 40 Well Seasoned Chefs If you were out for a noonday stroll in downtown Staten Island, one of New York City’s five boroughs (this one a landing point for the […]

Yemen Kitchen
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Meet the Restaurateur Abdul Al Rammah, Owner of Yemen Kitchen The irresistible fragrance of sizzling onions and garlic perfumes the small kitchen where Abdul Al Rammah stands at his stove, deftly stirring several pans at once. […]

Bini’s Kitchen
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Himalaya view, Mustang region, Nepal.  Photo: Patricia Sauer   The repetitive motion is almost dizzying. A table-full of hands pinch and fold, pinch and fold the endless circles of dough that hug morsels of meat […]