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Food has been a mainstay for me from a very young age. As a scientist, I like to think of cooking as a biological experiment, precise and exacting. And new discoveries fuel my soul, both as a scientist and a culinary explorer. As the founder of Uncle Sam's Immigrant Cafe, I hope to share my love of all things food and help make a difference in the world.
Yemen Kitchen
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Spread the loveMeet the Restaurateur Abdul Al Rammah, Owner of Yemen Kitchen The irresistible fragrance of sizzling onions and garlic perfumes the small kitchen where Abdul Al Rammah stands at his stove, deftly stirring several pans […]

Bini’s Kitchen
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Spread the love Himalaya view, Mustang region, Nepal.  Photo: Patricia Sauer   The repetitive motion is almost dizzying. A table-full of hands pinch and fold, pinch and fold the endless circles of dough that hug […]