About Us

Launched in December 2017 by Ajay Ravindranathan (an immigrant himself), Uncle Sam’s Immigrant Café is a San Francisco/Bay Area 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to build cultural awareness in the American population and promote the businesses of our immigrant restaurateurs. We invite readers to patronize the restaurants posted to our site.

For centuries immigrants have flocked to these shores in pursuit of what can best be described as a pursuit of the American Dream.  In doing so, they have brought with them aspects of their food and culture that have now been amalgamated to what we have come to know as Modern American cuisine.  It may surprise many to learn that something as American as ketchup had its origins in Indonesia or that salsa has dethroned ketchup as the leading condiment in America.

Our hope is for this website to celebrate American diversity… to show that despite our differences we are one country where everyone dreams of a better life.  Initially we will feature an immigrant restaurateur and their restaurant every month or two, while providing an in depth insight into their culture and cuisine.  Readers may submit their own ethnic restaurant reviews which we will post in the ‘Suggested Restaurants’ tab.  Over time we hope to create a significant catalog of user-submitted content.

Initially launching in the San Francisco/Bay Area we plan to expand to other geographic areas within the United States during 2018.

Vive la difference!